Closed campus

Your child's safety is our priority! New Hope Preschool is a closed campus. Our doors have visual cameras to verify who is asking to be let into the classroom. All visitors of our school must sign in when they arrive to tour our facility. Also, if your child isn't being picked up by a parent or verified guardian, a current California ID must be provided to our Staff before he or she is permitted to leave campus.


Age Appropriate Classrooms

Each of our classrooms is equipped with age appropriate materials and stimuli. From circle time carpets and bulletin boards focusing on our monthly curriculum to costumes and instruments, at New Hope Preschool we pride ourselves on having a clean, well-stocked, and organized facility. In addition, we recently added Smart Televisions to each classroom for arts, music, and Bible enrichment.


Play-Based curriculum

New Hope Preschool supports a philosophy of learning through play. Research shows that play-based learning is critical to a child's development throughout the toddler years. Our classrooms reflect a balance of academic curriculum and hands-on play. New Hope Preschool classrooms offer daily "Learning Centers" which provide the opportunity for exploratory play in the areas of: science or sensory, math and blocks, writing, literacy and library, art and dramatic play.

Facility Safety Information

Integrated Pest Management (pdf)