Easter Sunday

Everyone is invited to participate in our New Hope Family Resurrection Sunday. Here are the three ways we’d like you to be involved.  We want everyone to do all three if possible.

  • Easter Sunrise Prayer. If you are able, let’s all get up early, make a cup of coffee or tea, and pray or take a prayer walk around your neighborhood at sunrise on Easter Sunday morning. Sunrise on Easter morning is at 6:30 AM. Take a selfie. Email it to the church or text it to me that morning. I’ll post them on the New Hope Facebook page. What a way to share a sunrise Easter celebration.

  • Driveway Sidewalk Chalk Drawing. As the weather cooperates, get out the sidewalk chalk and draw a “resurrection” drawing on your driveway, sidewalk, or other appropriate space where others can see. If you can’t do sidewalk chalk, be creative in a way that works for you. Then, take a picture of your artwork with you and the family in it. Email the picture to the church (newhopegalt@gmail.com) or text it to me by Friday night, April 10th.

  • MOST IMPORTANT ONE TO DO: Resurrection Reflection Video. Use those cell phones and take a video of you and your family members saying what resurrection means to you. The total video length should be no more than 2-3 minutes. Get help if you need. Text or email the video to the church (newhopegalt@gmail.com) or text it to me by Friday night, April 10th. These videos are the key to the Easter video. So…we really need them.

  • Watch for special instructions the day before.

This is going to be great!!!!



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SUNDAY WORSHIP - April 4, 2020 Palm Sunday

It’s PALM SUNDAY! Good morning! I’ve already had my coffee and I am ready to gather with you online. We are One church. One body. One Spirit. It’s great to be with you..

Before you begin this morning, on a computer, laptop, or cell phone, open up the New Hope facebook page. There, you will find three posts with today’s date on it. One post is for music. One post is for prayer. One post is for the message. The hope is that we can interact together in the comments area of each post. How much fun if we all were to comment, like, re-comment, share as we worship together this morning. I’m on FB all morning ready to interact with anyone who wants to share.

Here’s a suggestion for how to worship this morning:

  1. Start with Prayer. Include family members. Post what you are praying for.
  2. Listen to and worship with songs. You pick. Music you love. Use Alexa, YouTube, CD’s, Pandora, Amazon…. Anything that makes your soul soar. Post what you are worshiping to.
  3. Watch the video. Post what God is speaking to your heart. Encourage one another.
  4. End with prayer. Post what you are praying for.


See you soon!

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