Discipleship At New Hope Church in Galt, California


We are disciples who make disciples

This means that every New Hope person should be in discipling relationships. Ultimately, we would like to see everyone engaged in dual-direction discipling. This means that every person will be both a Disciple and a Disciple-Maker.


we meet regularly for disciple making

We believe that disciple-making happens through Life-on-Life engagement. Disciples and Disciple-Makers enter into each other's life spaces and become sacred companions on the journey. Each discipling relationship is unique. There is no "one size fits all" in disciple-making.

discover. heal. grow.

Who is a Disciple?

A Disciple is someone who, through a relationship with others, is following Jesus, being changed by Jesus to be like Jesus, and is committing to the mission of Jesus. (Our hope is that) YOU are a Disciple. 

WHAT is a discipling relationship?

A discipling relationship is a commitment between two people to meet together regularly to share their spiritual journeys. It is a space where you can discover who God is and who you are, where God can heal you from hurt and brokenness, and where you can grow to become more like Jesus. A discipling relationship is a space of true transformation. 

When does discipleship happen?

Discipleship happens with you meet with another person, called a Disciple-Maker, to learn and to talk about your life with God. Every discipling relationship is unique, but usually you will meet with your Disciple-Maker once a week for 1.5 hours. 

Where does discipleship happen?

Every discipling relationship is unique, but usually meetings will take place in homes or in a dedicated space at the New Hope building. Usually, discipleship meetings will take place in spaces that are private, quiet, comfortable, inviting, safe and beautiful. 

Why should i commit to a discipling relationship?

Jesus told his Disciples Peter and Andrew, "Come, follow me." He extends that same invitation to each of us today. With that invitation, Jesus also appointed us to help each other grow as Disciples. Through a discipling relationship, you can experience the discovery, healing, and growth that Jesus invites you to.

How do i start?

You can begin by telling us that you're interested! Discipling relationship are formed through discernment. Together with the Holy Spirit, we will identify a space where you can be transformed through discipleship. Contact us at


Discipleship Handbook (pdf)



List of Discipleship Materials (pdf)



the path to a healthy life

the path to a healthy life

the path to a healthy life


Setting the direction of our life that determines our destination.

boundaries and walls

the path to a healthy life

the path to a healthy life


Improving relationships by establishing boundaries and removing walls.

The gospel in genesis

the path to a healthy life

The gospel in genesis


Finding the gospel and grace in the first part of Genesis.

free at last

Mending fences

The gospel in genesis


Breaking the bondages of guilt and shame in our lives.


Mending fences

Mending fences


Discovering and preparing our witness in the world.

Mending fences

Mending fences

Mending fences


Healing Broken Relationships

Forgiveness, Restoration