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Worshiping Jesus is our response to his presence in our lives and the world.

Following Jesus in water baptism, Trusting Jesus during life’s most difficult challenges, and obey Jesus by making disciples.

Loving like Jesus. Learning to love those we find hard to love.

A stand-alone year end message

Advent / Christmas Series 2017

Powerful Prayer Series

When Jesus Heals Series

What do we learn from the gospel healing stories of Jesus? What does healing mean? How are we healed? What is it to be whole? How does healing affect the person? The community?

This series coincides with our mid-week teaching: The Path to a Healthy Life

The Power of Story Series

New Hope: The Next Chapter. New Hope’s mission, core identity, core practices, and core values.

“How Inconvenient…”  (Exodus 40:33-38)

Work as Worship Series

The Mission Begins Series: Acts 1 – 8

The witness of Mary Magdalene to the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.