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The Bridge

Grow and Go!

The Bridge is a discipling experience designed to help participants know themselves and know God—the keys to spiritual transformation. Together we study scripture, open our lives to a small group of people, support one another’s spiritual journey towards becoming like Jesus, learn to be both disciplers and disciples, and live life authentically in community according to God’s kingdom values and principles. For the months of March-June, we will alternate themes every other week between growing (formation) and going (mission).

Tuesday nights at 7:00PM at New Hope.

New Hope Christian Preschool

Galt’s Premier Preschool – Christ-Centered Early Childhood Education

For more information about New Hope Christian Preschool, please contact Director Ms. Katy Maestas at newhopegaltps@gmail.com or by clicking here. 

Family Worship Days

Strong Families – Worshipping Together and Building Relationships

On Family Worship Sunday, all ages combine for a special family worship service. Family Worship Sundays routinely occur on any fifth Sunday in a month and for special holidays.

Work as Worship

Re-Orienting our Practice and Relationship with Work.

We spend more waking hours preparing for, thinking about, and doing work. Not just our career or job, but all kinds of work, tasks, jobs, and chores. Whether a person is employed or unemployed, training or retired, has great ability or on disability, we all work. But too often we perceive work as drudgery, necessity, or a curse. This series will investigate questions like: What is work? What is a healthy understanding and relationship with work? What does God think about work, and what does the Bible say about work? And why does is matter to me or society?

Liberate yourself from the discouragement of work. Join us on Sundays at 10:30 as we explore these questions and find a way towards a healthier perspective and practice of work.